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Quality scale model buildings and terrain from the near now to the far future . . .

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About CastScapes, LLC

CastScapes, LLC was initially conceived of by Garrett Taylor. Long frustrated in his search for small scale science fiction scenery for his role-playing and war games, he started to build his own. Spending far too many hours making terrain that never looked quite right, he saw a open niche. High quality, medium scale models buildings and terrain that could be in use today or in a millenia from now.

First proposed to Nick Salamunia, the idea was discussed and discussed. Plans were made and thoughts were traded. Garrett then mentioned this in passing to two others, Chris Sarna and Roy Stafford. Interest was peaked and with even more discussion and analysis, it was agreed. Garrett, Nick, Chris, and Roy would combine their strengths and form CastScapes, LLC. The rest, as they say, is history . . .

About the Staff

All of the owners of CastScapes, LLC work on our production queue and can take any duty required to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our product. But as each is a part of the team, they are also individuals. They invite you to take a moment and learn a bit more about them.

Salamunia, Nick
Position: Chief Designer
About: An award winning modeler, Nick combines his creative flair, years of model making, and his aviation background to make our quality product. Also an avid anime watcher and gamer, Nick provides the 'fun' in our product.
Interesting Quote: "I forgot how much fun power tools are!"
Stafford, Roy
Position: Production Manager
About: Bringing a decade of small scale production management to the team, Roy is constantly adjusting our production pieces for efficiency, durability, and quality. With his military career and aviation background, Roy helps to bring a level of realism to our product.
Interesting Quote: "You know how difficult it is to do that?"
Sarna, Chris
Position: Sales / Shipping / Convention Support
About: Extensive travel and flexibility are hallmarks of Chris' work. If you've met a CastScapes member outside of Central Florida, more than likely it has been Chris. Travelling far too many hours a week, Chris is the one most responsible for actually getting our finished product to our customers.
Interesting Quote: "Normally, I don't say 'OK' to hair-brained schemes like this, but this is Garrett we're talking about here. If this is the first step in his plan for Global Domination, I want to be in on the ground floor."
Taylor, Garrett
Position: General / Business Manager
About: With a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering and 20 years of roleplaying / wargaming under his belt, Garrett joins technical precision with creative energy to keep CastScapes, LLC moving forward. Also acting as the bookkeeper and webmaster, he oversees the day to day operation of the company.
Interesting Quote: "Global Domination is not my goal. More like a hobby. I'm too much of a slacker to have a goal like that."
Taylor, Maxwell
Position: Security Chief
About: Licensed in South Daytona, Florida, Maxwell eschews production duties and is content providing security for the CastScapes' workshop. Meeting and greeting guests to CastScapes has also come under his purview and has come to enjoy his new found Public Relations duties.
Interesting Quote: "Woof ...[ I say ]... Woof!"